Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Reasons NOT To Have A Relationship

It's almost February. The month of love. I spent this month coming up with a list of 10 reasons NOT to have a relationship:

1. Save a fortune on disposable razors. (And other hygene products)
Shave my legs? Hell no! Who am I trying to impress?! Give you a hint: No one.

2. No more pants. I am just going to sit around in my underpants tonight. And every night. Forever.

3. Live on the internet! No one is going to complain if you would rather blog than spend time with them.

4. No one is going to maim and dismember your friends of the opposite gender for "Totally hitting on you". This one speaks for its self.

5. No more phone calls. My cellphone battery lasts weeks! Being single is like going green. I'm saving the god damn planet. Your welcome.

7. Save tons of money! No more expensive holiday gifts, no more costly dinner plans, only pay for one ticket to the movies, Better yet just stay home and watch Netflix on your laptop in bed like the sad and lonely pile of mush you are. It will be awesome. I promise.

8. No one will get mad when you tell them you love your dog more than them. Why are you crying? I was just being honest...

9. No more "OH MY GOD! Emily stop. You are so embarrassing. Can you at least act like your not crazy?!" I get tired of hearing that every time I go out in public dammit.

10. Lists. What else would I blog about at 4 am? I like lists.

You may have noticed I skipped reason 6. If you did then I owe you one more reason. I'll get back to you on that. Probably. But most likely I wont.

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